The Company You Keep with Phillip-Michael Scales

Phredley Brown

Episode Summary

Phredley Brown (Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez) might be one of the most all around talented people I've ever known. We discuss his musical process, hit songwriting (he wrote on treasure) and his experience with the top 40.

Episode Notes

Super stoked to have one of my very first musical peers on the podcast. Phred has always been ridiculously talented but now the rest of the world knows it. He played a different instrument every year from middle to high school band. He plays guitar/keys and is the musical director for Bruno Mars as well as Selena Gomez.

We talk about how he approaches music and songwriting, his influences, his experiences playing in the hottest band in the world, and what's next for him. As always, his metaphors are hilarious and accurate.

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