The Company You Keep with Phillip-Michael Scales


Episode Summary

Ever wonder how someone under 30 with 3 kids and a wife owns a venue (Tonic Room), a production company (Harmonica Dunn), runs a festival (Dunn Dunn Fest), plays in a band (The Shams) and still manages to put out a solo album (Profiles)? Donnie Biggins joins Phillip-Michael at the first CoYouKeep Live! He talks about managing all of above and get some stories behind Profiles.

Episode Notes

Donnie Biggins was one of the first musicians I met when I moved to Chicago. Since then he has become a venue owner, solo artist, a home owner, and a father. We had a blast sitting down in front of a live audience to discuss the story behind his songs, Chicago Violence, Being a father, and more.

Profiles by Donnie Biggins

We discuss Lula Cafe, Father John Misty, Milshire Hotel, Lincoln Park, Chicago Roots Collective, Shams Band, Promoters in Chicago